Seasonal Greetings from all at Landes

The lake in December from the willows swim
During an early morning stroll around the lake with the dogs this view just stopped me in my tracks it was so beautiful standing there watching the sun come up which made the sky go purple ! This shot was taken believe it or not on my mobile phone as there would have been no time to to go back to the house to get the camera.  Ok so now we’re well into December & Christmas is almost upon us, the temperatures are still dropping slowly with the outside air temp lows down to minus 2 degrees at night with highs up to 12 degrees during some days. We haven’t really seen much snow so far only a slight dusting one morning which soon disappeared, unlike the UK by what I’ve seen on the news although we will get it I’m sure of that ! The lake water temp has now dropped to 6.2 degrees & I’ve not seen any fish show now for a while meaning they are becoming less active now in these colder conditions which is to be expected.  I will do another update which will be in the New year now so to all our customers past, present & future we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!!!

End of November update 

The lake in November from the Mistletoe swim
Well the weather has certainly started to change now we’re coming to the end of November, although in this picture we have blue sky’s & sunshine let me tell you it’s starting to get cold, the outside air temperature has been down to 3 degrees & the water temperature has now dropped to around 8 degrees. As can be seen from the picture most of the leaves have now fallen & it’s been a constant battle removing as many as we can from the water. The fish are still active with a few shows during most days so are very much still on the munch & the winter feeding programme is well under way now. Luckily we’ve managed to get a fair amount of work done before it got really cold some of which is explained in previous blogs. Remember to keep checking for more blogs where I will try & keep everyone up to date on the weather conditions through the winter months. 

Leaf Removal

The yearly leaf removal task is not a job that I partially look forward to doing but the more leaves I can remove each Autumn means less work for the excavator a few years down the line & less silt build up to treat with either lime or chalk ! 

Swim work

Whilst the lake was partly drained I had chance to work around the margins & one of the jobs was to put a new front onto the garden swim. 

Winter Netting

As part of our fishery management programme we carry out a lake drain down & netting every few years to remove some of the silvers so we can keep our bio mass right for optical growth gains in our carp. This winter we removed some roach & rudd with some being over 2lb so these were obviously enjoying & doing very well on our pellet which means now there will be more feed available for our carp. We would never want to remove all the silver fish completely as they play a big part in fishery management by feeding on the outbreak of naturals throughout the season thus improving the fishing. You would be very lucky to net every carp in the lake as this rarely happens but we managed to count 197 carp & estimate around 215 in the lake at present. 

End of our 2017 season reveiw

Our 2017 season has now come to an end & we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our visitors to the lake during this season, you all did extremely well with some stunning fish being caught, we are looking forward to seeing most of you again during our 2018 season. The average catch rate was up again this year & the number of blankers was very low which could be counted on just one hand. Yes there was some downs as well, one being the loss of tatty tail which was one of our big commons back in July where we saw the hottest temperatures in this part of France for 13 years so we were told, with outside air temps to 46 degrees & the lake water temp to an unbelievable 26 degrees which took its toll on anything in the aquatic environment. The spawning was also very mental this year but this was expected due to the new stock which was added last winter, the outcome of this was that our big girls lost a fair bit of weight for a short time compared to previous years although the weights have come back bigger & better than ever before and in no time at all due to the competitive feeding. We will be doing work this winter to improve weight gains even more & will keep everybody posted on here & Facebook on what work is going on during the winter months so please keep checking for updates. Until then thanks again for all the support. Tight lines. Dave & Tina X

Week Commencing 21st October 2017 – Gary & Greg

Well although winter is just around the corner the weather for this week was very nice for the time of year with daytime temps to 20 degrees although the temps are starting to drop during the night to just 5 degrees on some nights. Water temp 15 degrees. The leaves are starting to fall now & the Autumn colours really do look amazing.  This week we saw good friends Gary & Greg, the guys decided early on that they would split up & fish opposite sides of the lake in an attempt to try & keep the fish moving so they didn’t have so many spots to hold up in away from the pressure although there was plenty of water still being un fished. So Gary decided to fish the boathouse swim & Greg the mistletoe swim.  It wasn’t the easiest of weeks for the guys they managed to land 7 fish although they both smashed their Greg in mistletoe had fish to 42.10lb a very characteristic mirror known as the creature & Gary after deciding to move out of the boathouse swim to the Garden swim managed to land a very special fish which was also his target fish for the week the Jewel of the lake, the big plated at 43lb. The guys said at the end of the week that they both had an amazing time & are now looking into what dates we have  left for 2018.  Well done to you both it was a pleasure to have you on the lake with this week being the last of our 2017 season & are looking forward to seeing you both again in 2018. 
The Big Plated – 43lb
The Creature – 42lb 10oz
The Spot Common – 38lb

Week Commencing 14th Oct 2017 – 1 Angler

This week we saw Simon who is a repeat yearly visitor to Landes. Simon takes a very laid back approach to his fishing & each year & treats his time here as a holiday first & fishing second which is a very relaxing approach to take.  The weather for the week was mostly dry although we did get some rain & wind towards the end of the week. Day times temps to 19 degrees & down to 8 degrees at night. Water temp 16 degrees. Simon opted to fish the boathouse swim to be closer to the lodge in order to make things easier as he was self catering this year. He didn’t start fishing until late on Sunday afternoon as he went shopping to stock up for the week, so after that & baiting up he managed to get his rods out.  With very limited fishing time during his week he had managed 4 fish by Friday which were all 20’s but then on a spot he had been baiting all week his right hand rod was away Friday afternoon which resulted in Matilda at 50lb8oz which smashed his p.b by 15lbs. To say that Simon was over the moon would be an understatement ! Simon done every thing right he didn’t chase the fish around which is often the case when limited numbers of anglers are on, he stuck to his spots all week fishing EDL bottom baits over 3 separate areas, it just goes to show that all good things come to those who wait !  Well done Simon on your new p.b it was a pleasure to share your special moment with you. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year so you can have a go at beating your p.b again !  P.s, I thought I had better not go into any details about your broken rod !! 🙈🙈😂👍 (Although our rules state that photos of any carp over 50lb must be taken in the water, in this case we were on hand for weighing & photos & allowed Simon to hold Matilda safely over the cradle)
Simon with Matilda at 50lb8oz

Week Commencing 7th Oct 2017 – Mark, Ned & Ray

This week for their first trip to Landes we saw fishing buddies Mark, Ned & Ray. For swim choice Ned won the draw so had first pick & chose the mistletoe swim, then it was Mark who chose the Boathouse swim & Ray chose to go into the Maple swim.  The weather for the week was perfect really, dry & overcast for most of the week with a slight drop in air pressure with temps to 22 degrees & down to 9 degrees during the night. Water temp 16 degrees. Well what a week the guys had, they managed to land 31 fish between them, top rod goes to Ned who had a staggering 20 fish haul & managed to beat his p.b no less than 5 times with 5x 40’s to 49lb not bad considering he’d fished several other venues in France before this trip & never had a 40 so this was well overdue, a simple blowback rig & EDL bottom baits fished over the same baits as freebies done the business for Ned, needless to say he was very happy on what he had achieved & rightly so ! Mark in the Boathouse swim managed 7 fish, well done Mark & Ray managed 4 fish, well done Ray. The guys kept to their spots & kept the bait going in all week, with all the fish coming on single bottom baits.  The guys wrote – Our first trip to Landes, absolutley brilliant, Dave & Tina are fantastic hosts, the food being just like home from home. Dave’s stock of fish are stunning & give a cracking account of themselves. Would we come back again, YES x  Thanks guys & well done it was a pleasure having you all on the lake & we are looking forward to your next trip already.  Ned with his run of p.b 40’s ! 
The Rhino – 49lb
Maya – 48.10lb
Matilda – 47.14lb
Nemo – 43.05lb
The Parrot fish – 40.01lb

Week Commencing 30th Sept 2017 – Rich & John

Weather – Started off with some rain for first 2 days then turned sunny with high pressure for the rest of the week. Temps to 18 degrees & down to just 6 degrees at night.  Water Temp – 16.5 degrees. This week we had regular angler Rich & his good mate John for his first trip to Landes. For swim choice Rich opted for the boathouse swim & John the Garden swim in the hope they could get on the same spots as the guys who fished the previous week which is a good move as this saves you starting off completely new spots from scratch in which the fish could take some time to find & get on. After having 3 fish early on, 2 from the Garden swim & the other from the boathouse swim the fish decided that they would get away from the pressure & moved to the far corner of the lake in front of the Talltrees & Mistletoe swims which wasn’t a real surprise really although the 2 anglers last week never had this problem which was lucky for them. By Tuesday the guys decided to move but because they wanted to fish together they both moved with Rich going into the Mistletoe swim & John in the maple swim. Well you know what I’m going to say next, where did the fish go, yes that’s right they started showing & fizzing in front of the boathouse & cedar swims on the lodge side of the lake again to get away from the pressure of casting & lines in the water. Clever old fish haha !! Well the guys stayed where they were instead of one of them moving back round, they ended up with 7 fish to 40.7lb a common known as Mr Perfect & in perfect condition, all fish came on our EDL bottom baits. Well done guys at least you had a few fish & a good social & we all had a good few laughs together. It’s a real shame the other 2 anglers couldn’t make it on this trip due to one of them having an accident, hope he gets well soon. It would have made the fishing so much easier if they had came. Never mind it is what it is & we’re looking forward to seeing you as a full team next time. 
40lb7oz – Mr Perfect

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