Bait & Prices

We want each and every angler who visits Etang des Landes to have a great time and to catch some of our beautiful carp, here are some tips on bait to help you do just that.


We have fabricated a boilie especially for our lake made from our carp pellet, these boilies are made here in France and we know exactly what goes into them, our boilies benefit the health and growth of our stock and help maintain our exceptional water quality, they have accounted for all of our big fish including the current lake record. Our boilies and pellet are fed into the lake in large quantities all year round and the carp see them as a natural food source, we know as the evidence is clear to see in the slings as the bait is passing through the fish, this is a sign that makes all carp anglers confident in their bait choice.

Please Note – EDL boilies are sold to anglers at cost price, for the benefit of the fishing and the future of our growing stock. We have no dealings with any bait companies, our boilies are made exclusively for our lake and can only be purchased from Etang des Landes.


We have made a major investment by stocking a further 35 carp which are all hand picked for the 2017 season and will be making a further stockings ready for the 2018/19 seasons, these new fish will all be over 20lbs and have all been raised on pellet. These new stockings should make the fishing epic at Landes. In order to benefit our present and future customers, we would like our new stock along with our current residents to be fed and raised on the best possible diet that they can have from the very start, this is why we are only allowing our EDL boilies and EDL pellet as feed from the 2017 season.

You may bring and use your own hook baits i.e pop ups etc if you wish, max 2kg per angler per week.

Note – Our EDL boilies have out fished any other bait brought to the venue


EDL 18mm boilies = £8.50 per kg or £8.00 per kg when buying 10kg plus. These come in 2.5kg sealed bags and are cream in colour. Sizes will remain in 18mm unless we feel a change in size is needed.

EDL COCONUT & VANILLA Flavoured boilies

EDL BANOFFEE Flavoured boilies

EDL Stick Mix = £8.00 per 2kg bag

EDL 10mm Carp Pellet = £40 per 20kg Sack or £12 per 5kg

Please remember to pre order your bait at least 8 weeks before your trip so we can keep good stock levels of freshly made bait. Thank you.

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