How did you get in to Carp fishing?

I always looked forward to trekking up to the farm, with my dad. It was close to where I lived called, Pair Tree Lane. We used to take maggots for roach fishing. At the time it was just a muddy hole in the ground. Nana and Grandad use to take me fishing as well. I’d only catch a fish up to 3 or 4lb but my love for fishing stemmed from there.

Hawk Hurst Fish Farm, East Sussex

Why did you choose France as your dream destination to own a lake?

At the age of 21, my friend Chris and I visited France. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and came to the realisation that I wanted to someday own my own fishing lake. This became my target and knew this is something I wanted to work towards.

What do you enjoy about Fishing?

After spending 18 years in the military, fishing became an escape. It gives my mind a break and a chance to relax. The most exciting thing about fishing is the anticipation of catching one! Being on the bank is always nice.

Is there anyone you take inspiration from?

It goes without saying, my dad. He has always been my inspiration.

Who is your favourite youtuber?

Carl and Alex because they are from where I am from in the UK and I see them fishing the lakes I used to. It’s always nice to see.

What message would you like to share with anyone who visits Etang Des Landes?

You’re on holiday! I fully appreciate that and realise for most, it has been a long time planning and it has taken a lot of effort to get here. We make every effort to make sure everyone has the holiday they have been looking forward to. The most important thing is to take away good memories.

Rob’s Top Tips:

  • Number 1 top tip – long hairs
  • Bait little and often
  • Be stealthy
  • 6-8 inch combi rigs fished blowback style
  • Ultra sharp microbarbed hooks
  • Min 3oz lead
  • Flying backleads – pin everything down
  • Semi slack lines