When you arrive at Etang Des Landes, you are most likely to be greeted by my wife and I and our gorgeous dog, Dutch. Here’s a little introduction to my family:


Roxy has done a great job learning about fishing and fishery management. I have had the pleasure of teaching her all about water craft, fresh water eco systems and fish care. Luckily she loves fishing and with some help, she now knows the basics such as tying her own rigs, different types of bait, feature finding and casting techniques.

We have had some great fishing adventures together. Float fishing is her passion but she has managed to catch her own Carp, 34lb being her biggest so far.

You can rely on Roxy to keep your bellies full with quality home-cooked food and be at hand to help, when needed.




Dutch is one of the most loving pets we have ever had, extremely playful. She loves having guests at the lake, we suspect mainly because she hoovers up any bait that gets dropped on the ground. She is on a strict diet so don’t let her get your bait! She gets along well with our cats and other dogs which is why we do allow well behaved pets on site.


River and Bells

River is our black and white kitten and Bells is our ginger kitten. They are extremely cute, highly independent and great explorers. You may find them roaming around the garden or around the lake. They are a little shy and will most often observe from a distance.

We get super excited to meet and greet our guests. It gives us great pleasure to know when our guests leave, they’ve made some lovely memories and had a great time fishing. Roxy and I will be available at any given time to help and support and will ensure your stay at Etang Des Landes is as comfortable as possible and you have a fantastic holiday experience.

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