Week Commencing 27th July 2019

Ok so we’re back from our mid season break & it was our pleasure to welcome Leon & Vicki Sprague to the lake for their first visit. Leon was true to form as he managed 25 fish to 47.7lb which was one of our immaculate common’s, great stuff from an excellent angler well done Leon ! Again it was great having you both here & we are so pleased you enjoyed your stay with us & we’re already looking forward to your next trip in 2021.  Review from Vicki & Leon  Have just left here with my husband, and what a fantastic week at Etang des Landes!! Everything was spot on, the lake, the fish, the facilities & hosts!! The owners Dave & Tina are such lovely people. Both are so welcoming & friendly, always around if you need them for anything but also leave you to it so you can enjoy your holiday. My husband was lucky enough to land 25 fish, biggest being a cracking 47lb common! We had such great fun & will be returning in the future!! Thank you again Dave & Tina for a great week ❤️ We will miss waking up to that wonderful view 😔 xxx  

Week Commencing 29th June 2019 – 2 anglers

Our 2 anglers this week Steve & Jon had a great time here at EDL, due to the hot weather that was due again this week they came with a plan to only fish the nights & it worked a treat ! They took on broad all the advice I could give them by baiting up during the afternoon to the suggested areas using a throwing stick to create a nice wide baited area with around 2kg each day of our EDL boilies over 3 rods & fishing the same bait on all rods being a single EDL on a long hair, this is so the hookbait behaves in the water like the freebies they are putting out & also aids for better hook holds. They stuck to only fishing boilies all week as this keeps the fish moving between baits & doesn’t slow them up so they have less time to think about what their picking up. I told them that it’s important to keep to their baiting strategy by keeping the boilies going in each day even if they didn’t catch one night, Jon had this happen to him but caught 3 fish the next night. So the guys finished on 17 fish to 56lb (Matilda) which was a new p.b for a very happy Steve ! Well done to you both it was a pleasure having you both here & we can’t wait to see you both again on your next trip ! This is what the guys had to say about their week –  You couldn’t ask for better, the lake, scenery, fish, food and the hosts were perfect. The weather conditions were tough during our weeks fishing, but with tactics to suit and Dave openly sharing his knowledge of feeding activity and fish location we caught well with 17 carp to 56lb! All from just 5 night sessions with two of us fishing. Dave and Tina we’re welcoming and offered a very homely feel to our week with great home cooked food and easy conversation. All in all, I can’t recommend Etang des Landes enough, you certainly won’t be disappointed with this choice of venue. Thanks again to Dave and Tina for making it such a memorable week. We look forward to keeping in touch and seeing you again in the future! 

Week Commencing 22nd June 2019

It was a bit of a hot one this week with temps up to 43 degrees and water temps to 27 degrees ! Although we had 3 anglers on this week Dan was the only one fishing nights / early morning which was bite time in this weather, he managed fish to high 30’s and lost 2. The guys had to leave Thursday morning to attend a wedding in the UK so Dan could of had a few more. Well done to you all in this crazy heat !! 

Latest lake news – 22/06/19

An update on what’s been happening around the lake, so it looks like the fish have now spawned, this must have been going on in the deeper water as we have seen no real signs of spawning which is a first at EDL where normally the lake comes alive with spawning fish, very strange ! Now this has made the fishing very patchy over the last couple of weeks because the carp are now really only interested in one thing and that’s eating their own offspring ! We know this as the fish can be seen smashing through the shoals of small fish to get their mouthful also some of the fish that are getting caught are coughing up the fry while they are laying in the cradles. It can be a little frastrating at times like these but its nature at the end of the day and we have no choice but to let it take its course. The fish that are getting caught over the last couple of weeks are coming out on our EDL boilies using a single bait on a long hair, size 4 or 6 hook with a rig length around  9 inches which is the standard go to rig here at EDL. 

New Lake News Page

As you can see we have new page on the website called ‘Lake News’ this is the old blog page which use to be situated at the bottom of the website under General information, we felt that the page just wasn’t getting seen there so it’s back at the top where it belongs.  Make sure you keep checking this page for all new information and the latest lake news. 

Week Commencing 1st June 2019 – NEW LAKE RECORD Matilda 56lb

A better week this week for our 4 anglers with a new lake record & three of the 4 anglers beating their p.bs. First off Steve managed to smash his p.b with Matilda now at 56lb, Darren also smashed his p.b with a spawned out Nemo at 43lb & Martin managed to beat his p.b twice, first with the parrot fish at 39lb & then with Mr Perfect at 45lb. Just the 10 fish landed with a further 5 fish lost but they didn’t half see some lumps out this week. All fish came on our new revamped EDL bottom baits over the same bait, so what was already the best bait we have ever seen has been made even better which to be honest we didn’t think that was possible ! Well done guys great angling & we are looking forward to next year already !

Week Commencing 11th May 2019

Due to a late cancellation from one of our regular groups we have nobody on this week as we had no time to resale the week, these things sometimes can’t be helped but it gave me chance to fish as believe it or not I’ve never had chance to fish the lake in May before as we’ve always been booked.  Ok so I done 3 nights in total, baiting up during the day & fishing the nights only, not only does this give me chance to get some work done around the grounds but it gives the fish chance to come in for a free feed with no pressure or lines in the water. This should hopefully make them earlier to catch during the night & early morning.  I was boilie fishing only putting out 2.5kg each day of our own EDL boilie bottom baits over 3 rods in a wide spread using the throwing stick & fishing a hinged stiff rig over the top. I managed 4 fish to 46.4lb “The Gold Star Common” a fish which was on my target list as one of the A Team I really wanted to catch !!