Zig Fishing 

Just to let everybody know that due to the amount of naturals present in the lake so far this season which is making the fishing incredibly difficult for some as the fish are feeding in the upper layers that we are allowing zig rig fishing as long as you are confident in using this method.  All anglers must use sensible strength line & a sensible size hook I.e no smaller then size 8. No artificial baits allowed so small pop ups only. I banned this style of fishing in the past because there were to many fish being lost due to snap offs ! 

Week Commencing – 05/05/18 – 3 anglers

The carp are on the feed !! This week we welcomed back yearly repeat anglers, Alan, Adam & Joe. The guys sensibly spread themselves around the lake, this was in order to keep the fish moving around & it worked a treat. They ended on 22 fish inc 6x 40’s to 48.8lb & lost 4. Well done guys great angling !

Week Commencing – 28/04/18 – 1 angler

This was a tricky week for our single angler for whatever reasons.The fish seemed to be relaxing & just cruising around taking it easy after their little spawning episode the week before. The amount of newly hatched tadpoles wouldn’t of helped things so maybe the carp were eating these instead as there were millions of them swimming around, more then I’ve ever seen in past seasons. Anyway our angler did manage one fish which came early on in the week. (Sorry no photo).  We will have to see what happens next week as the fish will have to get on the munch soon. What a strange start to the season it has been !!
Were the carp eating up the tadpoles, bet they were !

Week Commencing – 21/04/18 – 2 anglers – Spawning

Well we had a lake full of spawning fish this week with their minds on other things hence to say this made the fishing tricky for our 2 anglers & hopefully also makes sense why the fish have been acting so strangely over the last few weeks since we opened as I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on !  I think we will have to put this early spawning down to the very mild winter we’ve had (well up til Feb anyway !!) At one time I could predict to the day when the fish were going to spawn but not anymore as this has gone from June to mid May & now April, if it carries on like this they will be spawning in January soon !! 🤔

Week Commencing – 14/04/18 – 2 anglers

Our 2 anglers this week managed fish to 37lb inc fish named Nelly, Drop scale & Spot which are all over 30lb along with some of our smaller but still very beautiful commons. We actually had the first warm weather so far this season with sunshine all week & temps up to 28 degrees which is what the fish need at this time of year to get them moving around. Hope it continues ! Unfortunately Andy in the boathouse lost a very good fish due to a hook pull very close in, he knew it was a good un as he couldn’t do anything with it at first, he turned to me & said “are you sure you haven’t got any cats in here” as the fish was so powerful ! Bad luck mate we’ve all been there but also well done on the fish you both landed. You never know you may have payback on that fish when you return here later in the year !! 

February update

The picture says it all, winter has arrived.  We’ve had a big change in the weather this month with a big temperature drop going down to -9 with a wind chill down to -14. The lake has been frozen but for no longer then 1 week luckily so the feeding programme could continue after this time. Now we’re into March the weather has already started to warm up nicely as we’ve already seen temperatures up to 14 degrees so far. The fish will soon start to become more active now all ready for when we open at the end of March !! 

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