Updated new look website

Welcome to our updated new look website, please have a good look through as we have added more content to the site including a few more pictures of inside the lodge area. Also we have made a slight change to the lake rules where now it is only our venue boilies which are allowed on site, no other baits or liquids i.e dips or glugs allowed. Anglers may bring their own pop ups if they wish. This wasn’t a step we took lightly but to be totally honest we can’t think of another bait that has worked here over the past 2 years and anglers always end up on our venue bait anyway. Also this was a must to help keep our water condition at 100% for our anglers to benefit. Please see our lake page and rules page for more info on this.  We are now taking our mid summer break, but please remember to keep checking the website for more blogs and updates in the coming weeks.  Thanks