Week Commencing – 8th Sept 2018 – Saturday to Friday

This week we welcomed back Adam & Gareth for their 5th trip to the lake in the last 4 years. It was a tricky start to the week but this was due to the weather conditions, with wall to wall sunshine & high pressure again this week with temps up into the 30’s. However the guys did find the fish & caught a few nice specimens to 36lb before they had to leave on the Friday. Well done guys, big thanks to Adam for bringing his drone over & doing some filming for us again this year ! Thanks again & we are looking forward to seeing you both again in 2019. 

Week Commencing – 1st Sept 2018

It seems to be getting warm again during the day with temps going up into the 30’s with high pressure, due to the time of year we are now getting cooler nights & mornings which is nice. There was a lack of photos this week as these carp fishing veterans just do not take them anymore due to having hundreds of photos of fish from previous trips & now they just enjoy catching carp without the photo. It’s not great for us but it’s their trip at the end of the day & we respect that. They did manage 12 carp to 43.13lb which was one of our big common’s & lost a further 4 unfortunately due to hook pulls. I did manage to get a photo of one nice 39.8lb common as I was around talking to the angler as his left hand rod ripped into life. Talk about being at the right place at the right time lol. Anyway well done guys it was great meeting you & we are already looking forward to your second visit next year ! 

Week Commencing – 25th August 2018

The weather this week was so much better with temperatures dropping back to normal or what they should be at this time of year, we are now starting to get the chilly mornings which is definitely a sign that Autumn is just round the corner. This is definitely my favourite time of year after a long & very hot summer ! The water temps have have also dropped to a nice 20 degrees so the fish will be feeling so much more comfortable in these conditions. So the proof is in the pudding with this weeks guys landing 25 fish to 47lb & losing a farther 4. They fished the venue well sticking to their spots & giving the fish plenty of EDL boilies in a nice spread over their areas. Well done guys great tactics !! Looking forward to seeing you again next time. 
Maya 47lb
The Survivor 39lb
Tyson 43.13lb
The Spot Common 36.9lb

New lake aeration systems fitted for 2018 !

Here at Etang des Landes we are very lucky to have exceptional water quality, however now with the summers which seem to be getting hotter each year we don’t want to take any chances with our incredible stock of fish ! So during 2018 we have Installed the state of the art in aeration systems, these systems will help protect our fish incase of low oxygen levels, will help keep the fish feeding for longer periods at a time which means optimal growth rates & improved angling for our customers !  ‚Äč

Week Commencing – 11th August 2018

Weeks weather – the week started off overcast but got hotter as the week went on with temps to high 30’s again. So this week we welcomed back repeat angler to Etang des Landes Kev & his mate Dave aka Podders for his first visit to the lake. Podders decided to fish the boathouse swim & Kev the Garden swim with the idea of Kev moving round to the Talltrees swim on the far side of the lake during the day in order to keep the fish moving so they didn’t hold up in one area keeping away from the angling pressure. This worked a treat for the guys as they both managed a few fish each from all 3 swims. All fish came on our single EDL bottom baits fished over EDL boilies & a small amount of pellet. Biggest fish of the week was from the Garden swim at 43lb4oz, the boathouse swim managed fish to 36lb7oz & Talltrees swim fish to 39lb8oz. Well done guys see you both next time. We are on holiday next week so this will be a great chance for the fish to have a free feed without any angling pressure ! 

Week Commencing – 4th August 2018

This week was another hot week for our anglers & our fish with temps in the high 30’s again, not only that the water temp has been 26+ degrees for a long time now which is making the lake feel more like a warm bath ! We did have a little rain on the Thursday which was nice & very welcoming as it cooled things down a touch. It seemed like the guys were struggling a little this week, as they said that they had multiple runs in which they didn’t contact with & the fish were getting away with it. They did manage fish up to 41lb 14oz a fish named Two Tone in which this was the first time we had seen her out so far this season so that’s one clever fish that has seen it all before & obviously knows how to avoid capture. She was tricked by Andy who saw a feeding fish in the shallow water, he flicked a small pop up close to the area & it wasn’t long before the rod ripped off. Good skills Andy & well done guys overall not to bad considering the difficult conditions ! 

Week Commencing – 28th July 2018

This week we had a family group, Charlie, Ben, Jake & Dad Phil who came as a non fishing guest, this was there second visit to Etang des Landes & they certainly didn’t go home disappointed ! Ben & Jake were the real keen anglers where as Charlie only fished on & off during his stay. Weeks weather – apart from a small amount of rain on Saturday the week was very hot with temps upto 38 degrees in the shade. Tactics – after losing a couple of fish on their go to rigs I advised them to change their rigs to what we know call the EDL rigs which are basically either a kd rig or blowback rig with an extra long hair, this is fished with a single EDL boilie bottom bait on a size 4 curve shank hook over EDL free offerings. Nailed ! this worked a treat for the lads, the hook holds were so solid that they were definitely not coming off after this change. How did they do – the lads managed 15 fish to 48lbs & lost 3. Both Ben & Jake beat their old pbs which were also from Etang des Landes so there were smiles all round. My thoughts – thanks for coming back to visit our lake again, it was a pleasure helping you guys out with the new rigs & doing some of your photos for you, top top lads ! Both Tina & I are looking forward to welcoming you all back next year ! 
Ben with his new pb Nipps at 48lb
This one was on Ben’s target list, the big plated at 42lb
Jake with his new pb, the parrot fish at 39.8lb
Ben with the Rhino at 45lb