Lake News

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

Merry Christmas & Happy new year to all our customers, past , present & future. A big thank you to all who came to visit us during 2018, we’re very much looking forward to our 2019 season where along with our regular yearly visitors we will be seeing some more new faces. Remember that we are now taking bookings for 2020 incase there is a particular week you would like. We hope you all have a great time over the Christmas holidays, be safe & we will post again in the new year.  

9th to 11th November 2018 – Fishing only nights 

So I managed to get on the bank for a couple of nights which was nice, this was actually the first time I’d fished since July 2017 believe it or not. I decided to only fish during the night & managed 4 bites in total with the biggest being a fish called the CC at a new top weight of 35lb. All fish came on our EDL Banoffee single bottom baits on k.d rigs with size 4 curve shank hooks on a running lead clip set up. I didn’t really make it easy for myself either because at this time of year I’m feeding the fish heavily so they had plenty of grab out there to keep them happy. 
The CC 35lb

Netting 2018

We had a very successful Couple of days netting the lake to remove some of the silver fish. A massive thank you goes out to Aquamaintain Ltd, the guys were great as they came over from the UK to lend a hand & what a great job they did ! After some weigh in’s we can now say that we have at least 4x 50’s present in the lake at this moment in time with 2 common’s (Nipp’s & The Rhino) & 2 mirrors (Matilda & Maya) all being over the magical 50lb mark. We also have quite a few very high 40’s which will soon be there also. Roll on 2019 !!

Week Commencing – 20th October 2018

This week we welcomed back regular anglers to Etang des Landes, Gaz, Greg & Luke. They spread themselves sensibly around the lake with Gaz in the boathouse swim, Luke in the garden swim & Greg over in the Talltrees swim. The weather conditions were a little better for fishing this week with a slight drop in air pressure although we still saw the sun at times. So the guys this week finished on 21 fish in total to 43lb & lost 4 with everyone catching. We also had a fish known as the big plated banked twice, first by Luke in the garden swim & then Greg had her from the Talltrees swim. Well done guys good angling, see you all next time ! 

Week Commencing – 13th October 2018

This week we welcomed back Simon, Rob & first timer Kieth who only fished in the daytime. A tricky week again this week but it was another week where the conditions were not exactly perfect for carp fishing with wall to wall sunshine & high pressure all week & the fact that all 3 anglers were fishing the same bank which pushed the fish over to the far side of the lake, this is brilliant if you want a social but not the best of ideas if you want a few fish but the anglers knew that ! Anyway Simon & Rob did manage 3 fish nothing massive this week & lost 1. This year was a little different from last as Simon managed fish to over 50lb last year but that’s fishing ! Well done guys glad you enjoyed yourselves nevertheless with various trips out etc. We are looking forward to seeing you back again next year for your 2 trips booked !! 

Week Commencing – 6th October 2018

This week wasn’t the easiest of weeks & we had some crazy weather thrown in, our new anglers to EDL managed 8 fish to 38.8lb & lost a further 4 fish. Now the lads had a game plan in there heads before they came which was to bait up quite heavily & fish away from the baited areas but the fish never really got on the feed which is a shame. At least they have learnt a few things / tactics about the lake for when they return in 2019. It was a brilliant week banter wise & it was a pleasure having the lads on for the week. See you all next year ! 

Week Commencing – 22nd Sept 2018 – New Lake Record 

This week we welcomed back yearly repeat anglers Jason & Penny for their 4th trip to Etang des Landes. They didn’t decide to fish until late Sunday morning after setting up in the boathouse & baiting up which they asked me to do using the boat as I’m happy to do that for any of our anglers. They picked a spot mid water from the boathouse swim & we put 10kg of pellet in a tight area using the boat & anoher 5kg everyday to keep the spot topped up, after that they added a scattering of our EDL boilies over the top each day using a throwing stick. They were fishing 2 rods each from the same swim & they positioned them all away from the baited area, 2 rods either side & 2 rods in front using the pellet as an attractant to bring the fish over the boilies. Hookbaits were exactly the same, a single EDL boilie on either a kd rig or blowback rig the two main EDL rigs is what we call them. The weather on the Sunday was real carpy weather & they managed 8 fish just fishing that afternoon ! The rest of the week was totally the opposite with sunny high pressure days & chilly at night although they still managed a few more fish ending on 14 fish banked & 3 lost. Now the best bit, Jason said that he has had so many of our big common’s now but really wanted to catch a big mirror to beat his mirror p.b. Now Jason never usually fishes on the Friday night but this time we persuaded him to fish & it’s a good job he did because at 4am on Saturday morning his rod ripped into life & after an epic battle he had only gone & caught our big mirror a fish called Matilda at a whooping 54lb8oz which was not only a new p.b for Jason & broke his mirror curse but it was a new lake record for us also. After the water shot photos Jason slipped her back to her watery home to get even bigger ! After that it was coffee time all round & by the look on Jasons & Penny’s faces we had some very happy customers indeed, well done guys brilliant angling, see you both in 2019 !! 
New Lake Record – Matilda 54lb8oz
The Silver Common – 34lb12oz
Mr Perfect – 44lb4oz
Scar – 38lb8oz
One happy customer 🙂