Terms & Conditions

Etang des Landes Carp Fishery are sole traders and will not act as agents for any travelling or accommodation bookings or any losses incurred with. Anglers shall make their own way to the fishery on the due date of their holiday. Holidays start from Saturday 2pm to the following Saturday 10am regardless of any travelling issues or delays.

On booking your holiday at Etang des Landes, a £100.00 deposit per angler in the party will reserve your holiday. The deposit received will be used as a part payment towards the total cost of the holiday. Our Booking form shall be sent to the person making the booking. The fishery requests that all sections are completed and confirmed by returning via email. The lead organiser shall complete the booking form in respect of all persons travelling to the fishery. The person organising the holiday shall supply us with full details (name, address, contact numbers, next of kin & children’s ages if they are below 16) and of everyone other in his party that he/she must be at least 16 years old if fishing.

The lead organiser shall distribute these terms and conditions to all party members prior to the arrival at the lake. Upon receipt of the completed booking form, it will be understood that all lead members shall accept these Terms & Conditions of the fishery.

The deposit invoice shall be sent to the person who has organised the booking at the same time. The person making the booking shall confirm that he/she has the authority of all other persons included in the holiday to make the booking on their behalf. The person making the booking shall confirm that he/she has read and accepted these terms and conditions. All bookings dates are to be confirmed via email to the fishery. The person making the booking accepts liability for all costs and charges on behalf of the party and no attendees for whatever reason.

Deposits that have already been paid are non refundable and non transferable towards another booking.

The balance of the cost of the holiday less any deposit paid must be paid no later than 8 weeks before arrival (the "balance due date"). If you book within 8 weeks of the holiday, the fishery requires the total cost of your holiday at the time of the booking.

If payment of the balance in cleared funds is not received by us by the balance due date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, forfeit any deposit made and levy a cancellation charge as though there had been a cancellation in accordance with paragraph 7.

In the event you cancel your booking, Etang des Landes fishery can only accept this request if it is in writing from the person making the booking. No other considerations will apply.

The following cancellation charges will apply:

  • More than 70 Days will equate to: 50% of the booking fee.
  • Less Than 70 Days will equate to :100% of the booking fee.

If any changes are required to the booking, such as bait or food package requirements etc, the fishery will accommodate at no administration charge. However, If the changes reduce or increases the number of persons on your booking, Etang des Landes reserves the right to re-calculate the total price based on the revised number of persons. This recalculation may increase your holiday price subject to the above.

No deductions shall be made for persons dropping out from the party for whatever reason.

Occasionally we may have to make changes and we reserve the right to undertake such changes. In the case of a minor change we will advise you at the earliest possible time prior to your holiday, but the fishery shall not pay compensation. If we have to make a major change, the person making the booking will have the following options; 1. Accepting the change of the arrangements or 2. The booking can be cancelled with a full refund of all monies paid.

Etang des Landes reserves the right to immediately terminate the booking during the holiday timescale if the parties behaviour is not appropriate or acceptable and within the fishery rules. If persons are likely to cause discomfort or harm to our or any other persons or property. Abusive language, loud and disruptive behaviour, excessive drinking. If because of such behaviour, Etang des Landes will terminate your holiday immediately and we will not be liable to you for any refund or compensation for any costs which you may incur.

Etang des Landes recommends that you purchase personal travel, accident and vehicle breakdown insurance and does not accept liability for any financial loss incurred as a result of illness, accidents and breakdowns of vehicles or other.

Etang des Landes does not provide or sell any alcohol as we do not have a licence to sell at the lake.

Jurisdiction: Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions constitutes acceptance of a contract on these terms subject to English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Force Majeure: We will not be liable for loss or delay occasioned by any of the following: Closure of Ports, delays by Ferries and train crossings, Weather conditions or any other event beyond our control, feeding inconsistences, Terrorist Activity, Political Unrest, Hostilities Strikes, Riots, Industrial Disputes War or threat of War, Fire, Flood, Technical/Weather problems to transport,

Complaints: In the unlikely event that you or a member of your party has a complaint about your holiday; Please discuss this with the fishery manager/bailiff at your earliest convenience. This is your holiday and Etang des Landes wants you to enjoy your fishing trip entirely. If you have any concerns that effected your holiday and did not make them aware of the fishery manager/bailiff at the time, it is then too late and impossible to rectify. Please do not post comments on social media and the like when no attempt to rectify was sought at the time of your holiday. We are a family run business and negative comments about the fishery can be very harmful to our livelihood. Please bare this in mind before you simply push the post button.

Disabled Travellers; Etang des Landes shall provide a high level of service to all our customers. However, we are a small family run business and do not have the use of special facilities for disabled persons. Therefore, please inform the fishery manager if you have any disability at the time of booking and we will do our best to help and advise you. Etang des Landes cannot be held responsible for any difficulties encountered around the lake, welfare facilities due to not having the provisions of disabled access facilities.

Fishery Rules –Etang des Landes lake rules shall be issued to every party member and these must not be broken at any time during your holiday. If persons in the party break any rules, then the lake manager/bailiff may decide to terminate your holiday without compensation. This includes all party members.

Etang des Landes is a small family run business, organised and well run. The facilities, welfare and swims are presented clean and tidy ready for the start of your holiday. We would ask that you leave the lake surroundings, swims and facilities in the same clean state as you found them.

Please use the recycling bins provided around the grounds including the lodge facilities.

Safe rigs shall only be used. The lake manager/bailiff shall carry out rig checks regularly during your stay at Etang des Landes.

Bait boats are allowed on the lake; however, use is entirely at your own risk. Bait boat users are not allowed to use outside of the fishing zones identified by the lake manager/bailiff during the brief when you first arrive at Etang des Landes.

Etang des Landes feeds its fish on a special diet and this is controlled by using EDL boilies and specialist EDL pellet. This bait is to be used at all times as feed during your stay. However, should party members wish to bring popups or wafters, then the lake manager shall except this at a maximum of 2 kilos per angler per week. Should party members bring any additional boilies or attempt to use during your stay, then they will be confiscated and returned at the end of your holiday. Please do not bring any particles, pellets, nut baits, plastic baits or ground baits.

Buckets, cradles, watering cans are supplied at all swims and we request that these are used at all times for fish care. Guidance will be given on handling fish at the start of you holiday by the lake manager.