Week Commencing – 22nd Sept 2018 – New Lake Record 

This week we welcomed back yearly repeat anglers Jason & Penny for their 4th trip to Etang des Landes. They didn’t decide to fish until late Sunday morning after setting up in the boathouse & baiting up which they asked me to do using the boat as I’m happy to do that for any of our anglers. They picked a spot mid water from the boathouse swim & we put 10kg of pellet in a tight area using the boat & anoher 5kg everyday to keep the spot topped up, after that they added a scattering of our EDL boilies over the top each day using a throwing stick. They were fishing 2 rods each from the same swim & they positioned them all away from the baited area, 2 rods either side & 2 rods in front using the pellet as an attractant to bring the fish over the boilies. Hookbaits were exactly the same, a single EDL boilie on either a kd rig or blowback rig the two main EDL rigs is what we call them. The weather on the Sunday was real carpy weather & they managed 8 fish just fishing that afternoon ! The rest of the week was totally the opposite with sunny high pressure days & chilly at night although they still managed a few more fish ending on 14 fish banked & 3 lost. Now the best bit, Jason said that he has had so many of our big common’s now but really wanted to catch a big mirror to beat his mirror p.b. Now Jason never usually fishes on the Friday night but this time we persuaded him to fish & it’s a good job he did because at 4am on Saturday morning his rod ripped into life & after an epic battle he had only gone & caught our big mirror a fish called Matilda at a whooping 54lb8oz which was not only a new p.b for Jason & broke his mirror curse but it was a new lake record for us also. After the water shot photos Jason slipped her back to her watery home to get even bigger ! After that it was coffee time all round & by the look on Jasons & Penny’s faces we had some very happy customers indeed, well done guys brilliant angling, see you both in 2019 !! 
New Lake Record – Matilda 54lb8oz
The Silver Common – 34lb12oz
Mr Perfect – 44lb4oz
Scar – 38lb8oz
One happy customer 🙂