Week Commencing – 28th July 2018

This week we had a family group, Charlie, Ben, Jake & Dad Phil who came as a non fishing guest, this was there second visit to Etang des Landes & they certainly didn’t go home disappointed ! Ben & Jake were the real keen anglers where as Charlie only fished on & off during his stay. Weeks weather – apart from a small amount of rain on Saturday the week was very hot with temps upto 38 degrees in the shade. Tactics – after losing a couple of fish on their go to rigs I advised them to change their rigs to what we know call the EDL rigs which are basically either a kd rig or blowback rig with an extra long hair, this is fished with a single EDL boilie bottom bait on a size 4 curve shank hook over EDL free offerings. Nailed ! this worked a treat for the lads, the hook holds were so solid that they were definitely not coming off after this change. How did they do – the lads managed 15 fish to 48lbs & lost 3. Both Ben & Jake beat their old pbs which were also from Etang des Landes so there were smiles all round. My thoughts – thanks for coming back to visit our lake again, it was a pleasure helping you guys out with the new rigs & doing some of your photos for you, top top lads ! Both Tina & I are looking forward to welcoming you all back next year ! 
Ben with his new pb Nipps at 48lb
This one was on Ben’s target list, the big plated at 42lb
Jake with his new pb, the parrot fish at 39.8lb
Ben with the Rhino at 45lb