Week Commencing – 4th August 2018

This week was another hot week for our anglers & our fish with temps in the high 30’s again, not only that the water temp has been 26+ degrees for a long time now which is making the lake feel more like a warm bath ! We did have a little rain on the Thursday which was nice & very welcoming as it cooled things down a touch. It seemed like the guys were struggling a little this week, as they said that they had multiple runs in which they didn’t contact with & the fish were getting away with it. They did manage fish up to 41lb 14oz a fish named Two Tone in which this was the first time we had seen her out so far this season so that’s one clever fish that has seen it all before & obviously knows how to avoid capture. She was tricked by Andy who saw a feeding fish in the shallow water, he flicked a small pop up close to the area & it wasn’t long before the rod ripped off. Good skills Andy & well done guys overall not to bad considering the difficult conditions !